What is an Automent?

An automent is a word with the prefix “auto” meaning “self.” Something automatic works without the need for a person to operate it. An autodidact is someone who teaches themselves instead of having a teacher or tutor teach them.

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Automent means the substitution of automatic devices and controls for manual action, particularly in mechanized production. The development of this technology has influenced many areas important in daily life, including manufacturing and other services. The term is most often associated with computer-related technologies that enable a system to perform tasks without human intervention and control. Related words include spontaneous, impulsive, instinctive, automatic, mechanical, and rote. See this podcast to drive your”self” through the English prefix auto-, with help from vocabulary guru Liz Langley! You can also learn more about the technology of automation from this article. The term is also used in other contexts, such as autodidactism (a person who learns by himself or herself), and the autochthonous plant species that are native to a region.


There are several synonyms for automent that have slightly different meanings. Something that is automatic works by itself, without human intervention. It may also be referred to as mechanical or lifeless, and the term spontaneous is often used to refer to behavior that occurs without the influence of deliberation.

Other words that can be used as synonyms for automatic include mechanized, computerized, robotic, and intelligent. All of these describe processes that are operated by machines, and they all have different nuances and connotations. For example, mechanized suggests that the process is powered by mechanical components, while computerized suggests that the process is automated using technology. Robotic implies that the process is automated using robots, and intelligent indicates that the system is self-learning and can operate without human intervention.


An antonym is a word that means exactly the opposite of another word. It can also be called an auto-antonym, Janus word, contronym or enantiodrome.

When it comes to antonyms for automent, the most obvious is autonomous, which means to function independently without external control. Another is mechanical, which implies that something is not lifelike or natural. Spontaneous, on the other hand, suggests that a decision or action is not planned and takes place naturally. The antonym for automent is manual, which refers to a task that requires the use of human hands or assistance.

Other synonyms for auto mate include automobile, automotive and just plain auto. It can also be considered an antonym of automaton, which describes the process of using machines to make a product or do a job instead of manually.