How to Play Ace in the Hole Lottery Game

“Ace in the hole” is a term often used in poker to refer to cards kept face down during betting that give an edge against opponents and increase your win percentage. Additionally, this phrase has become a idiomatic way of speaking about hidden resources which will prove helpful: The coach felt certain his new trick play would become their ace in the hole.

Chase the Ace lottery games provide players with an opportunity to win big jackpots by purchasing multiple tickets, similar to regular lottery drawings but with dramatically increased odds – usually hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars worth. Chase the Ace games are popular fundraisers for churches and charities but may not always deliver as promised.

To determine whether you possess an Ace in the Hole, shuffle a special deck of cards and turn over the top card 20 times using a tally chart to keep track of whether or not an ace occurs; if so, then congratulations: you will have found your winning combination!