How to Play Casino Games on DraftKings

Draftkings offers a diverse selection of casino games, with multiple versions of many classic slots, table games and live dealer tables to choose from. They’re easy to pick up and a great way to win real money. All devices can use Draftkings casino games; deposits and withdrawals happen instantly while they offer numerous payment methods including bank cards – although withdrawals can sometimes take longer depending on which method you select.

While DraftKings had long been under scrutiny due to the employee scandals, things changed significantly in 2018. On May 17, the Supreme Court struck down a law prohibiting sports gambling outside Nevada – opening up sports gambling as a major source of income for companies like DraftKings who has since expanded into new markets and introduced their sports betting app.

DraftKings also offers an expansive online casino gaming roster. Their casino games are user-friendly and offer unique spins on classic casino classics like slots, roulette and video poker – some are exclusive to DraftKings while others are popular among players worldwide.

One of the most beloved casino games, blackjack challenges players to beat the dealer by combining their cards with those given them in order to come closer to 21 than any other player. This can be accomplished in various ways such as taking “hits” to increase your hand value; when done successfully, your winnings should outstrip those of the dealer.

Roulette, one of the oldest casino games ever created, has long been enjoyed by gamblers around the globe. Witnessing that spinning ball capture your imagination while it spins around its wheel; now you can experience that same rush at home via your mobile device!

DraftKings casino features over 500 online casino games ranging from classics such as roulette to live dealer tables and more, offering players exciting new experiences each time they visit. Plus there are exciting promotions and bonuses to take advantage of! Education Hub offers players the tools needed to fully grasp the rules and strategies behind different casino games in order to increase winnings and provide an enjoyable gaming experience. DraftKings provides casino game tutorials and videos in the Casino section of both its website and app, to help newcomers become experts at any casino game you wish to try – these resources provide invaluable learning experiences for novice players just starting out online gaming!