How to Choose Best Eye Glasses Key Factors

Eyeglasses are more than just fashion accessories; they’re essential tools that help us see our world more clearly. While a stylish pair can boost self-esteem and make us feel more attractive, there are certain things you should keep in mind when selecting eyewear that will best complement both your face shape and lifestyle.

Before purchasing eyewear, it is essential to identify your facial structure. While every face is unique, there are seven basic categories of facial structures. They include oval, round, square, rectangle, oblong heart-shaped triangle (base up). When shopping for glasses it is important to choose frames which compliment these characteristics instead of buying too large or small frames that won’t suit.

No matter your face shape, you’re sure to find an eyeglass frame to suit it perfectly. Oval or heart-shaped faces, for instance, may benefit from wearing nearly any style frame; while square or rectangular ones should opt for frames that soften angles. Finally, those with narrow faces might benefit from choosing slim frames with delicate wire designs that won’t add bulk.

When selecting frame color, it is essential to take your natural eye, hair, and skin undertones into consideration. If you have warm undertones such as golds, browns, reds or greens then select gold, brown, red or green frames; conversely if your appearance contains cool undertones then a black or silver frame might add depth and contrast.

After choosing the appropriate frame color, considering material is also crucial. Titanium is often recommended by professionals due to its lightweight yet sturdy and hypoallergenic qualities; additionally, it works well with lenses of all prescriptions according to the American Optometric Association. Cellulose acetate or plastic frames are another popular choice, being less costly and available in multiple colors, finishes and textures compared with titanium frames; however they should be kept away from children as over time they can become brittle over time and should only be used as frames in emergencies.

Once you have narrowed down styles, frame colors, and other features that match your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle needs, it is time to select a pair that feels comfortable. Eyeglasses should not only look good but should also provide ample comfort throughout their long wear time; so be sure to test for fit and comfort before purchasing a pair.