What is SEO and How it Works?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of aligning website content and technical practices to a search engine’s algorithm, using both on-page and off-page tactics that improve organic search rankings for websites. When executed effectively, SEO can deliver targeted visitors month after month.

Most people are introduced to websites and other content online through search engines such as Google. When they type a query into the search box, Google scans its vast index of pages in search of results most relevant to that query and ranks those pages according to value and quality, giving searchers the best possible experience.

If a page doesn’t provide relevant results to searchers, they are quickly likely to click away and won’t help them locate what they need. As such, SEO strategies now focus on providing value rather than ranking high; their goal should be providing answers, solutions or helpful information directly related to search queries that find your content.

SEO goes beyond simply helping searchers; its main aim is also to educate audiences and create positive associations between your brand and positive associations with it. SEO also serves to build credibility and authority within a competitive business landscape, which are key elements to creating meaningful customer experiences.

How Does SEO Work? A key element of SEO involves understanding how search engines function. Every time someone uses Google or another search engine to conduct a query, a real-time algorithm works to provide results most relevant to that query – for instance if they typed “how to buy a home,” an algorithm would scan through hundreds of billions of webpages to locate those most pertinent results and display them to users.

The algorithms consider various factors when ranking pages, such as their relevance to a search query, structure and links from credible sources; more authoritative sites tend to have higher ranks.

Companies invest in SEO for various reasons, from brand recognition and increased sales, to improved customer retention and loyalty. A top-ranking site can bring in over one million unique visitors per month – making SEO one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available today.

Start SEO off right by researching which keywords your potential customers are using to discover your products and services, then create a targeted campaign designed to draw them in as paying customers or clients. For more information about optimizing your online presence, download our free guide today.